We believe a well fed camper is a happy camper… and we love happy campers! Our menu has been reviewed by a dietician to ensure it is nutritionally balanced with suitable portion sizes, variety and cooking application to suit all styles of camping.

You have complete choice over if you would like to self-cater, choose your meals from our menu, or sit back and let us take the hassle out of it for you.

Have allergies or intolerances? Bindaree Outdoor Education prides itself on working specifically with individuals with special dietary requirements to design a menu that is safe and suitable to eat on program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out what the menu for camp is?

If Bindaree is catering, the menu will usually be set months in advance and a copy sent to the school for your reference. Please contact the school co-ordinator to obtain a copy.

My child will be self-cater for one or more nights of their program, what food would be suitable?

Our main request is that they don’t pack any food that lists nuts in the ingredients (traces are ok). Meals need to be nutritious and filling as your child will most likely be using more energy than normal, and going to bed full will help them sleep the night through. Foods that don’t require refrigeration is also an important consideration as they may be carrying their food in their backpack and not have access to an Esky or similar style bush cooler. Have them also think about packaging and rubbish as most places we visit follow the “if you carry it in then you carry it out” principle. They can easily leave excess cardboard and packaging at home, and portion their cereal, pasta, wraps etc. to only be carrying what they’ll eat.

My child has food allergies/ intolerances and I’m concerned about the food being provided on camp?

How can we find out more? Bindaree strongly recommends you contact your school to get a copy of the Bindaree menu and list of ingredients with allergens at least 6 weeks prior to program. If you provide us with a list of replacement ingredients your child can eat, we will happily supply these provided we are given at least 10 business days’ notice. You also have the option of providing your own replacement ingredients, and if you pass on the receipt and your banking details we will be able to reimburse you for these purchases. Bindaree is more than happy to liaise with parents and schools in the months leading into programs to safely create tailored catering plans for any individual with dietary concerns. If you would like to talk through your option further, please don’t hesitate to contact us

My child is a fussy/ large eater, how do I know they won’t starve on camp?

Students are normally asked to bring their own lunch and snacks on the first day of program, so please pack enough food to last them from when they get on the bus in the morning to the end of activities at 5pm. After that, Bindaree will be providing them with 6 meals per day starting with dinner on the first night. These include breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and dessert. We hate wasting food and will always encourage students to eat seconds, thirds and fourths, if they can fit it! Most of our meals are also prepared and cooked by the students themselves, so if it’s as simple as your child omitting from their meal the items they don’t like. Should they be looking to omit half the menu, we would encourage parents follow the steps for food allergies/ intolerances above and make contact with the school well in advance to arrange a tailored meal plan to suit their diet.


Transport is another service Bindaree Outdoor Education can provide to get you to and from location and for shuttles during program. We can arrange for transport via an external coach company or through 12, 25 and 29 seater mini buses that our staff can drive. All vehicles hired through Bindaree are inclusive of driver, trailers, fuel and tolls associated.

For schools with their own buses you are welcome to use your own, provided you supply drivers, luggage storage, fuel and any tolls associated.