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Thrive in Nature...

We believe positive experiences in nature have the power to change people.

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Thrive in Nature

We believe positive experiences in nature have the power to change people.

About Us

People and exploring nature are our passion.

Our mission is to inspire, challenge and educate in our natural environment.

We value the personal development opportunities that being immersed in nature on camp delivers and we know you do too.

Camp programs allow students to build independence and a sense of empowerment. Students achieve this by trying new activities and pushing through challenges, they accomplish things they didn't think they were capable of - a core memory that will stay the them for life.

At Bindaree we are here to work in partnership with you and your school to give you the extra support, expertise, and resources to provide camp programs that help you to unlock your student's full potential.

Why have Bindaree as part of your schools' team?

We have accredited programs and camps supported by the Department of Education

There is flexibility for you to create your own program to suit your needs

We have a huge range of activities, experiences and locations for you to choose from

Our camp programs challenges students, developing resilience and independence

We offer support and extensive experience in program planning and risk management

How We can Help You?

Single Day

Looking to get out and about for just a day? We have a huge range of acitiies on offer.

Journey Programs

.Travelling by foot, bike or water. A journey program is an excellent progression for groups already familiar with camping.

Base Camp Programs

Stay in the one location and experience challenging activities and sleeping in tents

Camp Toolangi

Hard Top camp program. Located in the Yarra Valley and sleeps up to 147 people. Venue Hire.

The value of Outdoor Education

The freedom to be responsible.

As we all look to provide a more holistic approach to learning the benefits from incorporating outdoor education programs into schools is becoming more apparent and more vital to young people’s development than ever. Going on a camp program and being away from home and the caregivers that influence and make
decisions for young people provides them with an opportunity to be independent.
The Victorian Department of Education agrees that the benefits of including outdoor education
programs as part of schools include:

  • Enhancing equiry, critical thinking and reflection skils
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing
  • Increased student's sense of confidence and efficacy
  • Teaches students to assess risk and make judgement about risk management