Let’s have some fun and get outdoors into nature


140m solo zipline adventure, cruising at speed before a gentle bungee stop. Test of participants resilience and perseverance to step off the platform.


Participants will get to explore the amazing local flora and fauna on our purpose-built bush trail through the surrounding State Forest. Groups will be given a map to navigate and learn about the things they come across along the journey. Whilst hiking, participants will get the opportunity to work on their communication and perseverance.


A true trust challenge! In pairs, one person will be blindfolded, completely relying on the other to guide them through a walk. Through the added challenge of the activity being non-contact, individuals' communication, trust, teamwork and problem solving will be examined.


Our 5m and 14m high Challenge Ropes Course. Spread out over 5 elements and two different heights participants are challenged to climb up, over and around obstacles to get to the top. Great activity to develop teamwork and communication as participants are belayed by their peers. A true test of determination for climbers and trust for belay team!


A course of challenge rope courses, this time low to the ground! Groups climb and navigate around challenges, all the while supported by their peers. Communication, teamwork and problem solving are the keys to success for these challenges.


In small groups, participants will be challenged with locating markers around the camp. Each group will be allocated a map to guide them on their journey. Orienteering will challenge groups to work together and use their communication skills as well as their problem solving abilities.


Another STEM activity, this time groups are given the materials to build a maze, approximately the length of a volleyball court, that a marble will travel through. Can the marble make the journey? Only the teams showing teamwork, creativity, communication and problem solving will succeed.


In groups, participants will be provided with supplies to build and paddle a raft, including wood, ropes and barrels. Only the teams with great teamwork, communication, problem-solving skills and creative thinking will see their raft survive across the lake, others will see theirs fall apart underneath them!


The purpose built 13m Climbing wall will challenge participants and test their resilience and determination as they ascend up the wall. Their peers will develop and utilise their teamwork and communication skills to coach the climber up the wall whilst belaying them up and down safely.


On our 12m Abseiling Tower, participants will be coached down the wall. A unique way to develop an individual's resilience by stepping off a platform.


In pairs, participants will be taught skills and techniques on land, then transfer these onto the water in our canoes. Canoe pairs will have to work together to journey their way around the lake, with lots of games and challenges thrown in to develop their abilities.


Not only an individual event! Participants will be taught everything bow and arrow, including the technique and skills needed to hit the bullseye. They will also compete in team challenges that help develop these skills. Great activity to develop perseverance, but also communication and teamwork.


An activity similar to orienteering, groups are challenged to find locations around camp using just a photo image. With all their skills developed in orienteering, as well as the perseverance to never give up trying to locate each scene, makes this an engaging and fun activity at camp.


Up and down, over and under, through and around, participants will have to do it all to get through our adventurous obstacle course, all in the fastest time possible! Participants will be grouped up to ensure each obstacle is completed safely, with each group focusing on teamwork, communication and resilience to complete the course.


Learning to ride a bike is only step 1 of this activity. After the participants are capable, they will be challenged on parts, or all, of our purpose built BMX track which will test all the skills they have learnt. From beginners to experts this activity is suited to all. Resilience and perseverance is crucial to complete the trail!


Replace golf clubs and balls with frisbees and you have frisbee golf! Our 9-hole frisbee golf course will challenge even the most professional player. Consisting of dog-leg holes, and difficult lines, the course will test participants perseverance to try and come under par.


Learning how to make paper is a great exploration activity. Participants will be given supplies to make their own piece of paper using traditional techniques. This is a great challenge for creativity.  


A classic and favourite activity for all ages. In groups, participants will be provided with all the equipment they require to build a Billy Cart. Once they have passed the mechanics test, the groups get the chance to ride and race. Can be used as a small or whole group activity. Teamwork, communication and problem solving are keys to win the race.


One of our great STEM activities, groups will be tasked to build a survival hut completely out of wood! The challenge is when the rain hits, will the hut be waterproof!! Teamwork, communication, creativity and problem solving are the keys to building a great hut.


A camp classic, participants receive all the required ingredients to mix up and make their own delicious camp treat, then of course cook it around our campfire.Develops skills around fire safety and some great life skills including the importance of patience.


A camp classic, participants receive all the required ingredients to mix up and make their own delicious camp treat, then of course cook it around our campfire. Develops skills around fire safety and some great life skills including the importance of patience.


Likened to a reverse giant swing, a participant is harnessed in whilst standing on the ground, then on instruction, their peers launch them into the air to glide and fly like a possum. Teamwork and communication are developed by the group, whilst the gliders resilience and trust are also tested in this unique challenge.


A unique test of a groups' communication, problem solving and teamwork skills. as groups are provided with a number of crates and left to design and build a tower as high as they can, all the time with one of the team climbing it. Group mates are also left with the job of supporting them via a rope that will lower the individual down.