Do you run outdoor education trips across multiple year levels? One of our specialities is working with our schools to create a carefully planned sequence of outdoor education experiences over multiple year levels. One of the major benefits of this is ensuring adequate progression and optimising the impact of outdoor education programs. We work with multiple schools to facilitate this kind of sequential programming and find it produces the best results for students.

What do we mean by results I hear you ask?

By gradually increasing the level of challenge year on year, student growth is amplified and re-enforced with each program. We can create an outdoor education pathway that maximises the well documented
benefits of outdoor education, from better social skills to improved academic performance and
improved mental health.

How do we create progression?

For some schools progression may be lineal, from day trip, to hard top, to base camp and culminating in a journey program. Having said that, the possibilities for you and your cohort are endless. Location, activities and program style are all key in determining the level of challenge, however no two cohorts and no two programs are the same.Our job is to partner with your school in order to create a bespoke outdoor education program that ensures the best possible outcomes for your students, whatever they are.