Journey programs are perfect for creating a major sense of achievement in students, as they work
together throughout the week to accomplish their goal of reaching each day’s finishing location.

Whether traveling by foot, bike or water, our journey style programs involve groups staying at a different camp location each night and is easily achievable from Year 7 through to Year 12 with the right progression.

So how can we journey?

From canoeing the Glenelg River, to travelling through the Great Dividing trail on foot, to cycling the
Murray to Mountains rail trail, there is an abundance of choice when it comes to journey style programs throughout Victoria.

Our journey program activities can include but are not limited to:

As with all our program offerings, Bindaree can provide everything, from planning to all aspects of
delivery and post program review. To see our progressive program offerings that maximise student
growth click here.

What can we provide: